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Probation Violations

A lot of criminal defendants who are convicted get probation with the rest of their sentence. Anyone convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor case will either have to serve formal probation (under a probation officer's supervision) or summary probation (unsupervised probation) for one to five years. Probation can come with many conditions and terms that must be explicitly obeyed.

Obligations that must be fulfilled can include the payment of fines, completion of community service, participation in court ordered classes and programs, regular in-person progress reports, jail time, and the completion of all requirements in a timely fashion. Fulfilling these terms and conditions are essential to completing your case. You must not be arrested for anything else during your probation period.

If the person on probation breaks any rules or neglects to complete any of the requirements that are conditions of his or her probation, probation can be revoked. A court may even impose prison time or a jail sentence if you were convicted for a misdemeanor or a felony case.

The best defense attorney will get rid of or reduce any potential consequences that come with your probation violation. The Law Office of David M. Boertje knows how to successfully represent clients that have probation violations.

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