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Bail Assistance

When someone is arrested, one of the primary objectives of that person will be to get out of jail.

In misdemeanor cases involving defendants that have important ties to the community and do not pose a "risk of flight" or a threat or danger to anyone, the persons arrested might be granted pretrial release in return for the promise to show up in court at the scheduled date. Pretrial release can be a benefit to defendants, who can then assist in their own defense while still being able to be with their family and maintain their employment. The larger community also benefits from this and costly custody space is kept available for the more violent and serious criminals.

People that are released on O.R. (their own recognizance) or supervised O.R. have to show up in court on a specific day at a designated time. If they show up at their scheduled court appearances, they don't have to worry about bail or remaining in custody while their case is being worked out. If they do not show up in court at the designated hour, they can be charged with "failure to appear in court" and a bench warrant ordering their arrest will be issued.

Bail is normally a bigger issue in felony arrests. Every county has a bail schedule that lists the bail amount that is applicable to each kind of case. Depending on the kind of crime a person is charged with and the defendant's criminal history, the bail amount can be lowered. The court will also look at whether the defendant is a danger or threat to the community or a flight risk.

Bail can be posted with the law enforcement agency that has custody of the defendant or the court clerk. A bail bondsman, if utilized, will normally require a 10% fee of the bail amount. Securing the bond with collateral may also be a requirement.

The Law Offices of David M. Boertje has frequently been successful in getting a defendant's bail reduced. We have also gotten defendants released on their own recognizance and helped families of accused persons post bail.

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