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David Boertje is the advocate you need!

You hear a lot of horror stories when it comes to attorneys, but with Mr. Boertje it's the complete opposite. He exceeded all of my expectations and really surprised me with his work and expertise. He knew what would happen with my case every step of the way. Having never been in legal problems in my life; the whole experience was a complete shock to me. I couldn't believe how screwed up the justice system really is, and I would have been completely lost without the professional advice and help from David Boertje. The whole experience was so shocking that I have every second of trial memorized and I really can't think of one instance that David could have done a better job. Mr. Boertje took the time to hear my case and handled it perfectly! He even met with my close friends on a Saturday to explain what the future would bring and his strategy for handling my case. He was compassionate but strong every step of the way. Bottom line, after 20 minutes of jury deliberation on a week long trial, the jury came back 12-0 not guilty! Now my life is back on track and I thank God every day that I found David Boertje.


Superior Service

My attorney David Boertje has been paramount. He has represented me on two separate occasions with phenomenal outcomes. Mr. Boertje will walk you through the sequence of events that takes place and make sure that you are not caught off guard by any surprises. The staff will help answer any questions and will also help you get your things in line before any meetings. Speaking with attorneys and law firms can be stressful, but dealing with Mr. Boertje and his staff is a different experience. Since the first time I met with Mr. Boertje and his staff it was a family like atmosphere. Everyone there makes you feel comfortable and confident in the processes. Mr. Boertje goes above and beyond! I would recommend him for any legal services!


David Boertje, what a great lawyer!!!

David and his staff made everything simple and easy. Everyone who I spoke to about the case, was telling me that he was facing some jail time. That made me nervous, but after meeting with David I felt confident that my son had nothing to worry about. And he didn't, David got the felony charge dismissed. Not only was David a wonderful lawyer, but he and his staff are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. He also worked with my budget by letting me make payments.


Great Lawyer who is extremely knowledgeable of the law

David Boertje is a great lawyer. He was not only professional and set my mind at ease but he immediately had me feeling confident that I was going to win my case. He was well prepared and made the prosecution seem like it was their first case. He immediately noticed a mistake on the prosecution's case and had the charge thrown out. The prosecutor argued and the judge actually went to his chambers to review if the prosecutor made a mistake. The judge came back within 5min and ruled that the Prosecutor was at fault and the charge was thrown out. I could not believe how quickly he got the charge dismissed which made for one super happy client and one very upset prosecutor. If you want to hire an experienced, well rounded, and prepared lawyer hire David Boertje. I felt like I had the dream team in my corner. He was great!!


The Best Criminal Lawyer

I was referred to Mr. Boertje by a friend of mine and I am extremely grateful that I hired him. I was accused of misdemeanor criminal charges and Mr. Boertje convinced the prosecutor to dismiss my entire case without even having to go to trial. I recommend him for anyone in San Diego looking for the best criminal lawyer.


Knowledgeable, Dedicated, and Client Focused

Mr. David Boertje and his paralegal Ms. Kamron Diaz made me feel immediately at ease when I first approached them in the representation of my "under the influence of a controlled substance" case. The retainer was reasonable and affordable, and much less than many other defense attorneys. He attended all of the pre-trial hearings for me, allowing me to continue with my daily routine. He always kept me well informed of each hearing's outcome as well as the subsequent steps in the process. Once he received and reviewed a copy of the police report, he recognized the police officers conducted a flawed arrest, and filed a motion to suppress evidence. At this hearing, Mr. Boertje's legal acumen and thorough preparation was displayed through both his pragmatic questioning of the officers and substantiated arguments made before the judge. The judge had no other choice but to rule in our favor to suppress evidence, resulting in a complete dismissal of the case by the prosecution.

Thanks David and Kamron for all of your hard work and help!!!