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DUI Defense

Driving Under the InfluenceThe Law Offices of David M. Boertje regularly represents clients who have been charged with drunk driving in the San Diego area.

A conviction for DUI (driving under the influence)/ DWI (driving while intoxicated) carries serious penalties in California. It is important that you hire a drunk driving defense lawyer who will aggressively represent you. Penalties in California for a drunk driving conviction can include:

  • Jail Time
  • Large Fines and Court Costs
  • Public Work Service
  • Community Service
  • Probation
  • Home Arrest
  • License Suspension
  • License Revocation
  • Court Ordered Alcohol Treatment
  • Court Ordered Alcohol Education

If you are charged with drunk driving, your license will be suspended immediately—even before your criminal case goes to court. The suspension has to be challenged within a specific time frame. Otherwise, you will lose the chance to keep your driving privilege. Our law firm can represent you on the DUI/DWI criminal charge and the license suspension matter.

We are experienced in dealing with drunk driving and DUI cases and we handle them with vigor. Aggressive representation is even more critical in DUI accident cases where someone is injured or killed. DUI cases where there is injury or wrongful death are considered felony cases. A person convicted in a felony DUI case may have to serve time in prison.

If your arrest was related to a DUI accident where someone was seriously injured or died, you also might be prosecuted for negligent homicide, aggravated assault, vehicular manslaughter, and, possibly, murder. It is essential that you hire a criminal defense attorney to work on your defense immediately after your arrest.

The Law Offices of David M. Boertje will aggressively litigate all issues that might lead to you avoiding a conviction. We also will work to reduce any other consequences. We can prepare your case, thoroughly investigate any evidence, and represent you in court. In most DUI/DWI cases, you do not have to appear in court. DO NOT face a drunk driving charge without an experienced San Diego DUI lawyer on your side.

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Client Reviews
“Mr. Boertje exceeded my expectations as an attorney. His fees were very reasonable and his representation was absolutely exceptional.” - Jimmie
“David and his staff made everything simple and easy. Not only was David a wonderful lawyer, but he and his staff are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. He also worked with my budget by letting me make payments.” - Merced
“I was accused of misdemeanor criminal charges and Mr. Boertje convinced the prosecutor to dismiss my entire case without even having to go to trial. I recommend him for anyone in San Diego looking for the best criminal lawyer.” - Nicole