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Arrest & Bench Warrants

arrestThe most common kind of warrant issued by the court is known as a Bench Warrant. There are a number of reasons that a court might decide to give out this type of warrant:

  • You failed to provide evidence of community service.
  • You did not pay a fine.
  • You failed to show up in court on a day you were scheduled to be there.
  • You failed to show up for Conviction or Sentencing (a warrant may have been issued following a trial or plea but before you were sentenced),
  • You failed to appear in court on an Open Case prior to your case's resolution.

If you live in California and you think that there is an outstanding warrant calling for your arrest, you should talk to an experienced criminal defense lawyer right away. There is a chance that you might be arrested by police and sent to jail.

An Arrest Warrant is what the police will use to arrest you. A judge must sign the formal document requesting the arrest. It is issued during an investigation where law enforcement officers have reason to believe that criminal activity has taken place. Most people usually don't know that there is an arrest warrant in their name until police arrive to make the arrest. In certain instances, police may arrive at your place of work to arrest you.

If you decide to represent yourself, you are placing yourself at a disadvantageous position. You could be arrested and placed in police custody as soon as you enter a courtroom. An experienced criminal lawyer can get the warrant recalled and, in many instances, prevent law enforcement authorities from taking you into police custody.

If you have a misdemeanor case, your lawyer might be able to go to court and get the warrant recalled without you having to show up. An experienced criminal lawyer who knows how to deal with these kinds of cases will know what documents and other information the court might need to quickly resolve your case. A skilled criminal attorney will know how to convey to a prosecutor and the judge the reason that your warrant should be recalled and why you shouldn't be placed in custody.

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